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                             Removal of Asbestos ABC Bunbury                       Demolition Tobacco drying sheds Manjimup asbestos clad












                            Suited up for asbestos removal



                                                         York Demolition of Hotel



                                                    Demolition Katanning Swimming pool





                                    Demolition Manjimup School asbestos clad



























                 Demolition Kojonup Coop after fire damage



    Removing Asbestos pipes Katanning                                        Picking up dumped asbestos for the Main Roads



                                                                        Landmark Building

              Western Power

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                                                                    Collie Mission Asbestos removed



                                                                Burnt Houses


                                                                The Problem

                                Timber Bridge










                    House Demolition






                                                                            Burnt Margret River School




                                                        Demolition of Hall


                                                                                            Burnt Houses





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